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Welcome to Limpopo

A broad, boundless area; a landscape tanning itself in the heat of the African sun. Called the Great North, welcome to the Limpopo Province of South Africa, where the immense beauty of the area bring promises of interest and entertainments in generous amounts.

A favorite destination amongst leisure and adventure seekers, the Limpopo Province is a land of contrasting landscapes and beauty offering infinite scenic beauty, with a great diversity of natural and manmade attraction, rich cultural heritage and abundance of wildlife and nature-based tourism.

With its endless network of protected areas and nature reserves, amongst the best in Africa, the Limpopo Province seeks to preserve the natural heritage of the people for future generations and sharing with the international community.

Limpopo - South Africa

Featured Listing of the month

Danlee Overnight Accommodation
Danlee Overnight Accommodation
City / Town : Polokwane
Price From : R190 to R350
Main Description : The weary traveller will be able to relax in the peaceful atmosphere and surroundings. Rooms are spacious and include a lazyboy, Top TV, morning tea and coffee. Parking is safe and secure and the rooms are very private.

• Two double luxury bedrooms
• Beds – Queen
• Ceiling fans
• Top TV
• En suite bathroom with shower
• Heater
• Tea and coffee making facilities
• Work station
• Parking - secure area
• Breakfast is available on request
• Laundry service on request

Latest Accommodation Listings

umVangati House
City / Town
Blyde River Canyon
Price From
R3390.00 per night
Preview Description
Understated elegance greets visitors to umVangati House, where a warm friendly welcome sets the ambiance. This intimate owner-run retreat offers friendly service, privacy and exclusivity. Whether it’s for a special occasion like a honeymoon or anniversary, or if only to escape for a weekend, umVangati House immediately cuts you off from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Loerie Guest House
City / Town
Price From
R435.00 per night
Preview Description
Each room is equipped with two single beds or a double bed, air conditioning and fans, SABC & Satellite TV, tea and coffee trays and an en-suite bathroom with facilities. Self catering rooms have a fridge, microwave and fully kitted kitchenette.
Blyde River Wilderness Lodge
City / Town
Blyde River Canyon
Price From
R600.00 per room per night
Preview Description
The Lodge, situated in an oasis of Jackelberry trees and giant Fig trees, rests on the bank of the Blyde River. Guests are often treated to the splashing performance of a pod of wild Hippos in the water, or the haunting call of the African Fish Eagle as it flies overhead. Nyalas (antelope) roam freely on the pristine green lawns, living in harmony with a family of Peacocks and Horses.
Blyde River Canyon Lodge
City / Town
Blyde River Canyon
Price From
R810.00 per person sharing
Preview Description
Blyde River Canyon Lodge offers the highest quality of accommodation, we provide superior service to our customers and our guests leave with unforgettable memories of their stay. Our experience and commitment to excellence contributes to the fact that we are one of the best lodges in the area.
Flamboyant Guesthouse
City / Town
Price From
R250.00 per person sharing
Preview Description
The en-suite bedrooms of Flamboyant Guesthouse are individually decorated and suitable for families or single travelers. The rooms are fully furnished, comfortable and private, ensuring that you feel at home

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